Chakki's Kitchen

Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, India


Chakki’s kitchen is a Cloud kitchen concept. What is a cloud kitchen? Cloud kitchen is also known as ”virtual kitchen” which means it's a place where the food is prepared and delivered at the doorsteps through online food delivery platforms. Chakki’s kitchen is a new model of cloud kitchen concept in Kochi. There is no dining space in the cloud kitchen because it's a virtual kitchen only for cooking and serving the foods online. Anyone can order the foods through online delivery platforms like zomato, swiggy, etc. There is a website for this chakki’s kitchen for online ordering. During the covid-19 outbreak, many traditional restaurants were at loss, people wouldn’t like to go to the restaurants with their family and friends. But cloud kitchens are booming nowadays because through social media promotion they gain more new customers and trends of online food delivery systems. As compared to the food business, cloud kitchens have affordable startup-cost. First thing is to find an attractive place to build a kitchen and we should appoint an expert chef for cooking. The restaurant can launch several brands using the same kitchen infrastructure thanks to the cloud kitchen format. Multi-brand cloud kitchens enable a restaurateur to run several brands using the same infrastructure and resources. For example, a restaurateur with a delivery-only kitchen that specializes in South Indian cuisine might expand to include Mexican cuisine. Rather than adding Mexican to his current band's menu, he might start a new brand that sells Mexican from the same delivery-only kitchen. As we go through the Chakki’s kitchen the food quality is the main attractive thing rather than quantity. If we order from their website, many attractive combo offers are available there. Mr. Sajeev from Kottayam is the founder of Chakki’s kitchen concept and he is also a chef. They introduce many interesting menus on their website. The cloud kitchen brings us many delicious foods. We can order the food at our home with family and friends. 04829-211311, 6282607319

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  • Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, India