Why SEO based content writing is vital to you

It is not enough to have your website content to be well written with all the information about your product or services. You need to see that the content has the right SEO quotient. This is the way that other sites and blogs can link to your site. They would love to add links to your site if you have original and highly informative content.

When the content is useful, there is always a reason for someone to read it and feel like adding a link to your site from their site. When the content is extremely helpful with informative content, the chances of getting an external link increase that much more. It is a matter of choice and hence good SEO content writing pays off.

This is exactly why you should consider entrusting your content writing for your website or blogs to a professional content writing agency like neteffect.

 A good SEO content writing or copywriting service will have the following. 

Keywords – They will use the right and the best keywords. They know how to discover keywords through experience. They use various research tools to find the best SEO keywords that help optimize content which in turn drives leads and traffic to your sites.

SEO Content Crafting – The wordings, the information and the content richness of your website is very vital. Good writing agencies like neteffect make sure that every page is reachable. They use static link texts to make your page reachable even through internal links.

Writing online PR stories with the right links – Normally many corporates and businesses release a press release and media articles. These are taken up by many online news sites. The content has to have the right content that people would find interesting. It should be well written and informative. And finally, it should have links to your site where further content or call for action can take place.

Giving out featured articles – If you are an expert in your area or activity, it can help if you give out articles based on your knowledge to trade publications. They can include your article if they find it useful for their readers. Such articles should definitely have links to your site and to additional content.

Creating Link baits— Catching people’s attention, is by itself an art. Some content becomes rather popular and gets copied and forwarded on the net and become viral of sorts. The trick is to create content that would be liked by a whole lot of people. Of course such content is the bait with numerous links to your website pages.