Using the right keywords to increase ranking in search

Well, you have opened the most fantastic biriyani specialist restaurant in Kochi and you have also designed and hosted your website. So what should be the keywords that are most suited for you? The word ‘biriyani’ by itself may not be enough. You need to use words like “where to find the best biriyani in Kochi” to get the best results.

You have to understand and utilize the way people search. While searching, it is easier to find things by typing out the whole sentence about what you want. Once you understand this, you can use this logic to find the right keywords and use them for our own sites.

Posting the whole list of items you have on your menu on your blog or content page is good because someone may be searching for that particular item in your area. You can also add the timing of your restaurant’s working hours so that people can know if they can come to your restaurant at say, 11 pm and still get the things they want.

It is by putting such information that links are created and these are the ones that lead to a client who had searched precisely with those words. Check out the title and description of your page. You should also consider adding pictures and links that people would love to click on when they see your page on the search results. 

The title of the page should be clear and understandable to the individual if he saves it for future reference by bookmarking it. The best link building strategy is hard to nail 100% and ensure the high ranking on search engine for a long time. However organic links are the best way to get the ranking even if other techniques fail.

But the best thing to keep in mind is that you are creating content for the customers and those whom you serve. It is this kind of meaningful and truthful content that actually leads to your site and subsequently ends in positive business.