Why LiveKerala ?

LiveKerala.com is Kerala’s fastest growing interactive directory. The specialty of the site is that you can add your own content, blogs and events for your business or service. You can link your company website to us and gain back-links to your site which will improve your Google rankings. This is very vital to get better rankings on Google search results. Your page on LiveKerala.com can be linked to your Facebook page and other Social Media.

We offer related services like Website development, Facebook and other Social Media promotions, Video Ads and Event commercials as well as Vlogs of your products / service which can be hosted on YouTube and linked to both your page at www.livekerala.com as well as your own company website.

Search Phrases

We will help you use the right Search Phrases through our SEO consultancy so that the right phrases and words that will be utilized by your best prospects when they search for your type of product will lead to hits on your site and pages. This will translate into business through inbound marketing.

Question & Answer

You can have a Q&A section on your page so that customers who have doubts and need for information could find it easily on your site. It will help eliminate unnecessary delay and effort on the part of your customer in making informed decisions in your favor. 

Advert within Search Results

We can help you advertise within small budgets in leading social media (Facebook, YouTube…) and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to attract the attention of hot prospects that are looking for your product. The relevancy of the ads within a geographical area plus narrowing down through demographic profiles will mean greater reach and ROI (return on investment). LiveKerala.com helps you with SEO by promoting your site and initiating ‘likes’ to your pages to add value to your SEO score.

Company Branding

As you are aware, your company, product or service gets branded through multiple platforms. Let LiveKerala.com be one of them with wide ranging effects and benefits. Your logo and product will get displayed and will be clickable to reach your website / product page directly. We will help you promote your brand multiple times throughout the site.

Company Description

Your company / product / service description can be accurately and attractively written by our copywriters, keeping in mind the Search Engine dynamics so that it leads to more links and better results. Your product descriptions too can be well written. We can also help you with pictures by taking hi-resolution images that display your products / services interestingly and in a better light.

Power of Video

LiveKerala.com offers take videos as well as make short video clips of your product / service – that can be shown. Videos attract prospects 4 times over to your site than anything else.  

Advanced Statistics

We can offer you as much details you need about your audiences as is available with us – which will help you target your communications to your audiences perfectly. 

Press Releases & Product Announcements

We can announce your Press Releases, Product Announcements or Inaugurations / events, online to reach a targeted audience. It will help spread the word to the right people. And reach relevant prospects.

Events & Exhibitions

When you are conducting an Event or participating in an Exhibition, you can use LiveKerala.com to announce the event to maximise awareness, attendance and response.

Mobile Friendly

As LiveKerala.com is mobile friendly, anyone can access your pages with us on their mobile phone or tab. As over 50% of the Internet traffic is from mobile phones and other mobile devises, LiveKerala.com helps you reach this segment easily.