How to multiply your presence online

In real life, every businessman or entrepreneur recognizes the need to ‘network’ and meet the most number of people. These are people who have links and know people who know people who have a need for your service. Just like this, being social on the web is the best way to maximize your presence online.

It won’t help you build links to your website in sites which hardly any people visit. It is like putting a hoarding on a road which is almost deserted all the time. On the other hand, social media sites are dynamic and there is a lot of interaction as well as activity. People see your posts, comment on it and express their liking for distaste for it.

This makes social media presence a very necessary thing for promoting your website. Being an active social media person can constantly build backlinks. You need to have an active presence there and click on other people’s post – so that they get to see your posts too. This will put yourself in front of people and be in the front of a whole lot of people means you have the chance of being in front of the people who matter and are actually looking for your product or services. This happens through consistency and constantly adding on content. You have to be aware and consciously build a buzz around your business and also your website.

There is something called the Social Signal. This term indicates the measuring of your websites ‘pulse rate’ on social media sites by Google. If you can build fans and followers, you have a better chance. If the content on your site is easily shareable with the help of social media links, it can help a lot. Instead of building fake links, it is better to be active on social media and build your presence there in order to have a healthy ranking.