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NETArchive(c) for small to medium archives delivers those qualities with an integrated solution that supports up to 15TB of nearline storage with an unlimited capacity for management of offlined media. The NA-S10U S Series library and drives are integral to the network attached system, and operate in synch with the Archive Management Software (AMS) and the Storage Management System (SMS) with RAID. Optimized for an offi ce environment, all components are conveniently mounted in an optional desktop mini-rack or standard rack. NA-S10U libraries support up to ten, protected 1.5TB media cartridges that prevent human contact with actual media. The cartridges are loaded into the library via a convenient pullout drawer that enables rapid access and exchange. Library robotics include a fully automated media transport assembly that moves cartridges between slots and drives. Libraries are confi gured with up to two, high-performance ODA1 drives. The advanced optical drive design features a multi-platter loading mechanism and dual optical heads and channels for faster reads and writes. Drives directly connect with the SMS via Super Speed USB 3.0 communications, ensuring the fastest speeds possible. An optional redundant power supply is available for high availability. NA-S10U Library Features • Excellent solution for small to medium archives • Compact size optimized for an offi ce environment • No special environmental conditions required • Desktop mini-rack or standard rackmount options • Highly reliable, fully automated robotics • Supports 1 or 2 optical ODA1 Drives • Optional redundant power supply for high availability • Convenient pullout media drawer for fast loading and media exchanges • Up to 15 TB near-line capacity with nearly unlimited offl ine media management • SMS, AMS and Library components are fully integrated and automated for easy setup and operations • SMS to Drives Connectivity - Super Speed USB 3.0 • Advanced optical drive design with dual optical heads and data channels • High speed 10K+RPM ensures fastest optical transfer speeds • Drives feature multi-platter loading mechanism NETArchive Express, Entry Level Archive Solution NETArchive Express v1 Designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses and organizations, the NETArchive Express (NAE) is ASTI's lowest profile Network Attached Storage (NAS) device offering a large archiving solution within a small package. The NAE is functionally similar to the standard NETArchive only without the automated library robotics, and includes RAID, archive management software, and a single NETArchive Optical ODA drive for writing to archiving media. The NAE is specifically designed for those organizations that require a smaller optical archive or require cloud based archives of any size. NAE combines the latest technology components which operate in synchronous to deliver high-performance and scalable capacity in a single standard rack. System components include the Archive Management Software Pro (AMS Pro), Storage Management System (SMS) with up to 72TB of RAID, and an ODA optical drive. For more info please contact:

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