Onyx Aqua Farm

Padinhattummuri, Kerala 676506, India


Onyx Aqua Farm is a local family owned and operated sustainable farm located in Padinhattummuri, Malappuram, Kerala. We produce Fish, vegetables, Ornamental fish. We also Selling Fish Feed and Fish Seeds. We use a growing method called Aquaponics. In Aquaponics fish and plants have a symbiotic relationship. Fish provide the nutrients for the plants and in turn the plants clean the water for the fish. Creating and maintaining this closed ecosystem allows us to grow safe, natural, highly nutritious vegetables along with a lean source of protein.

  • Address
  • Padinhattummuri Post, Koottilangadi, Malappuram. Kerala, India - 676506
  • Mobile
  • 9169444144
  • E-mail
  • info@onyxaqua.com
  • Website
  • https://onyxaqua.com/
  • Category
  • Agriculture Nursery
  • Location
  • Padinhattummuri, Kerala 676506, India