Whispering Waters

Paniyeli Poru Road, Kerala 686681, India


Whispering Waters has an inseparable link with ‘Paniely Poru’. With that in mind, the graphic part of the logo was designed to explain in a simplistic way; the very nature of the ‘Poru’. It represents the large cavities in the rocks where water is sucked-in and gushed out, to re-enter into another rock cavity. It is a rhythm that continues! This can be experienced visually during the summer months as the water level drops to expose parts of the Rocky River bed.

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  • Paniely Poru, Off. Kochi International Airport, Paniely P.O., Ernakulam - 683 546, Kerala, India.
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  • 70340 30390
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  • info@whisperingwaters.in
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  • http://whisperingwaters.in/
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  • Paniyeli Poru Road, Kerala 686681, India